Windows VPS

Windows Virtual Servers

AlphaRacks has purposely designed its nodes with extra storage, RAM, and processing power to ensure our customers are benefiting fully from our services. A virtual private server is similar to a dedicated server and we have kept this in mind, allowing us to deliver excellent service and connectivity to all virtual private servers because our system is set up as if we have tied together multiple backbones!

  Windows Server 2012
  Full Admin Access
  Self Managed

  •   1 GB Dedicated RAM
  •   30 GB RAID-10 Disk Space
  •   1,000 GB Premium Bandwidth
  •   1 Cores
  •   1 Dedicated IP Address
  •   100Mbps Uplink Speed
  •   2 GB Dedicated RAM
  •   60 GB RAID-10 Disk Space
  •   2,000 GB Premium Bandwidth
  •   2 Cores
  •   1 Dedicated IP Address
  •   100Mbps Uplink Speed
  •   3 GB Dedicated RAM
  •   100 GB RAID-10 Disk Space
  •   5,000 GB Premium Bandwidth
  •   4 Cores
  •   1 Dedicated IP Address
  •   100Mbps Uplink Speed
  •   4 GB Dedicated RAM
  •   150 GB RAID-10 Disk Space
  •   10,000 GB Premium Bandwidth
  •   6 Cores
  •   1 Dedicated IP Address
  •   100Mbps Uplink Speed
  •   6 GB Dedicated RAM
  •   300 GB RAID-10 Disk Space
  •   30,000 GB Premium Bandwidth
  •   8 Cores
  •   1 Dedicated IP Address
  •   100Mbps Uplink Speed
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AlphaRack's Budget VPS includes SolusVM CP, you can easily at your finger tips reload your machine, shut down, reboot and even rename the hostname on the fly.

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AlphaRacks makes upgrades easy, all upgrades can be done without any downtime. This means, extra CPU, Bandwidth, Storage or even additional IPs can be seamlessly added without any downtime.

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